New Video :: July 3rd, 2015

Don't stop that inspired thought!

Running around NYC, stopped to meditate in Central Park, and BAM, I start getting all these inspired thoughts!

Has this happened to you?

I wanted to stop meditating and break out my journal... but instead I said THANK YOU, MORE PLEASE....



applied to Perfectionism


I am feeling stuck in between the highest highs and the lowest lows that I have ever experienced. It is really hard to reconcile those two things. This might be the best time in my life, but it also could be the worst time in my life. 

One thing that is helping me to understand these feelings is the buddhist idea of hopelessness. Using hopelessness to fully embrace impermanence of life and the now. 

Things are hopeless. I am abandoning the idea that things might some day be better. That I might be better than I am today. 

Things are not getting better. 
Rent is not getting cheaper. 
You are not getting younger.
The environment is not getting better. 

Accepting these things leads to radical acceptance of everything around us. 

I accept the person I am.
I accept the situation I am in. 

I’m not saying that everything is terrible, I am saying:



Right now is the only time we have.
Now is the time to fully accept our emotions and choose an action of love. 


Peace my friends. Sat Nam.




Rejection is Protection

I missed the ferry. I'm late to volunteer. 
Finding peace in this moment with the mantra: Rejection is Protection. 

Rejection is a form of divine guidance & re-direction. A gentle nudge from my angels to put me in the exact place & time that I need to be. 

Even though I'm frustrated, I will choose to enjoy this moment. Choose to take a deep breathe. Choose to see beauty in the NYC skyline. Choose to be at peace. I choose love and gratitude. The only time to experience these gifts is now. 

Choose Love Now 



What is Love?

Love is a force of nature that brings people together. 

Love is to Humanity as Gravity is to Earth. 

Here is why you need to Choose Love Now! 


Feeling fearful

Letting the What-Ifs take over? 

I was walking down the street yesterday and thinking fearful, what-if, type thoughts. Trying to prepare myself for a worst case scenario. I was thinking through all the dangers. Then I realized, this isn't helpful! My imagination and negative mind are getting the best of me. I am my thoughts and worries are not based on truth.

There is only one truth. My soul is the truth. I am not afraid. 


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