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BE YOURSELF Workshop - October Session

Join the "Be Yourself Workshop" this October!

Express your divine femininity - Define new expectations - Fearless goal setting - Radical forgiveness

Many women feel that their heart and their head are pushing them in separate directions. Stuck between wants of the heart and shoulds of the brain, confusion and self-sabotaging habits form. The goals they have set for themselves no longer apply to what they really want out of life. Press the reset button to check in on the direction of your life. You deserve to be supported through all stages of your life.  

This October, use movement, discussion and critical self review in the 4 week Be Yourself Workshop with Karla Rasmusson, founder of Hippie in Heels. You will be guided to put the wants of your heart and head together. Learn how to listen to your heart and your head at the same time - to find your Goddess Superpowers, set Fearless Goals, accomplish your goals through Radical Forgiveness.   

What are we going to do?

Each session will have three components: Movement, Workshop and Discussion.

1. Movement -

Get out of your mind (just a few minutes) and into your body! We will start every session with a movement to tune into your body, your emotions and your intuition - dance, chant, drums, yoga, stretches, mediation.   

2. Workshop -

Each class will build off the previous class, and at the end you will have a clear vision of your life path, and a solid foundation for accomplishing your goals.
  • Week 1: Check in with yourself and discover your individual Goddess Superpower
  • Week 2: Fearless goal setting and releasing of fears
  • Week 3: Accountability for you goals though radical forgiveness
  • Week 4: Self-love and Self-care for continued growth

3. Discussion/ Q&A

As women, we shine when we can express ourselves verbally and be supportive to one another. Talk freely about your successes and challenges in the judgement free zone.


Dates- 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22 Bonus date - 10/18 Full Moon Goddess Party
Time - 8:30pm- 9:00pm
Location - TBD, in Manhattan. NY -will be announced one week prior to course
Tickets - $120, limited space available

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