A mixture of random acts of kindness and mindfulness.


Now is the only time we have to make the decision that are going to improve our lives and better our world. The decision that we make Now may be small: a smile, a compliment, random act of kindness.

Every action leaves an imprint the other person’s heart. A smile or great conversation can impact someone’s whole day. Small in action but not small in value.

When we start making these moment-to-moment shifts in action and in thinking, from fear to love, from pain to joy, we are inspired by love. We are actively creating a more loving and peaceful future. 


Visit the Love Parade NYC website

Love Parade NYC is for those who believe that speaking out against injustice is the right thing to do. 


We will come together as a community to focus on what is going right in order to fix what is going wrong by creating a small change in your heart.

Imagine - people walking down the street - with signs, balloons, streamers, passing out heart stickers -  celebrating what inspires them to keep living life and stay hopeful. And you smile; the silly, fun sight impacts you. Your day is changed - and because of that you make a small positive impact in someone else’s day.