When one door shuts... look through the screen.

I told my boss I wanted to work from home. He said no.


Then I thought about it. My apartment is small. My internet connection is shotty. Do I really want to sit at home. Sitting and waiting for emails and phone calls?

No. I dont.


I was asking for something that I didn't really want. That NO that my boss gave me wasn't a door slamming in my face. It wasn't the end. It was a locked screen door, telling me to look harder for what truly wanted. What I wanted is on the other side, so close, but not exactly what I was asking for.


That opportunity is gone, but I can still get the feeling that I want.

When one door closes, check for a screen...

Don’t accept NO for an answer.


When I come against a NO - a block to my goal

I dont just see it as a shut door, it is more like a locked screen door.

I try to see through my desire, and find what I really REALLY wanted to begin with.

Maybe it is time to re- evaluate what my desire looks like...



What feeling was I trying to attain?

What status was I looking for?

What material item would have resulted?

Who would I be more connected with?

What activity would I be doing?

How would this change things?



My ask wasn't right. It didnt give me the right key to open the door. If I had gotten my wish, I wouldn’t be in much of a better situation. My ask wasnt close enough to what I really wanted.


I want to feel more expansive. I want to have control over my schedule. I want to have more time. I want to work on my fitness. I want to cook more meals. I want to be in a beautiful, stimulating environment. I want to help people love more. I want to love more.


My “ask” was too small. Time to ask BIG!    


Peace, Love, Sat Nam








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