What they don't tell you about eating health food [Top 3 Tips]

Starting a new diet can be overwhelming, with all the rules and tips. No matter what your diet routine, here are some healthy eating tips you haven't heard before: 

Beware the last gulp

Starting a healthy routine means trying new things, like protein shakes and green juices. Adding powder to plain water sounds simple, until you skimp on the stir and shake. 

It only takes one powder glob explosion in your mouth to regret the whole thing! Make sure to shake and mix your powders thoroughly.  

Suggestion:  When you get to the last sip, keep stirring and add more water. I usually dilute it a few more times to avoid the dirt texture. My favorite green powder is SunWarrior Supergreens, mixed in still water or lemon water.

Cleansing can makes you feel tired or sick

This past Thursday, I had a juicing party with a friend. We were like mad scientists with the juicer, trying different combinations and tasting delicious juice! All the fluids and vitamins kick-started my elimination process, I spent a healthy amount of time in the bathroom, and woke up the next day feeling tired. Digestion and elimination are big projects for our bodies, so they take a lot of energy.

Suggestion: Give yourself some space and self love to recover after any diet or health change. Don’t think it’s not working because you don't feel 100% better right away. Remember how long it took to build up those toxins through food, drugs and poor oxygen? Give your body some time to bring it to the surface and clear it out.

The WAY you eat is more important that WHAT you eat

Chew!  That is right, chew your food! As a chronic overeater, part of the problem is eating too fast. I am so hungry by the time I start eating, or I am rushed to eat quickly. I just keep putting things in my mouth and chewing without thinking. If I don’t break down the food to a mush and add enough saliva, then my body will be confused by the food, as if it were a foreign substance entering my body. Think of saliva as the bodyguards to the stomach. They need to escort each molecule in each bite of food, so that your stomach recognizes everything as a friend. This is something I am constantly reminding myself.

 Suggestion: Turn meals and snacks into a sacred practice. Honor your body like a temple, just like in other ways: working out, meditation, spa treatments, massages. Make your every meal time a meditation. Chew, close your eyes, taste, breathe, swallow, and repeat.

Peace, Love, Sat Nam