Like a vibrator for life

Shrooms didn't blow my mind, Burning Man blew my mind.

Shrooms were amazing and I look forward to experienced them again. There is a drastic difference between my Burning Man experience and my shroom experience, even though they were at the same place. It was two separate events. 

I spent most of Burning Man sober. When I think about experiencing Burning Man again, I am overwhelmed with possibilities and expanded by reality.

Burning Man was here,



with humans.

What would be more wonderful than experiencing humans doing human-things? The tangible experience that makes Burning Man so complete is it's simplicity. Humans being humans: Eating, drinking, sexing, shitting, connecting, creating. Repeat.

Shrooms were in my head, in my soul, and definitely part of something greater, bigger, better (I hope you are reading - Godlike) that I am still trying to understand.

I see drugs as an enhancer to life, like a vibrator is to an orgasm. Use a vibrator to get that intensity, and learn what is possible. Then take the knowing and remembering of what you experienced, and apply to a sober, organic version of life. I believe the goal should be to experience wonder and beauty, all the time and by any means necessary.   


The fact that people come together for the purpose of being humans at Burning Man is amazing. It is amazing that we even need a space for that. It has been called a festival, or an art, or a music event.

My shroom experience was very personal and very beautiful. Although it was at Burning Man, it was very separate experience from what Burning Man means to me.

Mushrooms expanded my mind. Burning Man changed my perception of reality. 


Peace, Love, and Sat Nam!









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