Listening to my inner spirit guide on Tinder.

I woke up after my Tinder date with this burning sensation... (wait for it) in my soul - had to share this story ;)

A story of ordinary, everyday miracles and how to spot them.

Have you heard of Tinder? It is this dating app made to support hook up culture.

Its fun and easy, and very silly.  You judge someone on their 4 or 5 pictures and a one liner. Then, you swipe right for yes and left for no. If its a match, you chat.

I laid a few ground rule for myself (for added hilarity) If there is a baby or an animal in the picture, it’s a right swipe - in hopes I might hold a baby or a puppy.

Mr. Last Night had a watermelon in his picture (right swipe and then fingers crossed he might be a fruitarian.)

We met at a bar near my house, and we had great conversation. We seemed to be laughing at each other's jokes and connecting on a basic level.


We went to another bar nearby. I started to get nervous and planned my exit route. I made up a lie:

“Oh my roommates are out in the LES and I am going to meet them soon, Let’s close out our tab.”

At the same moment the lie escapes my lips, I dump my half full gin Archangel drink (yes, I ordered it for the name) all over my pants.

He doesn't seem to notice, but the icy-cold surprise wakes me up to the possibility that I am doing something wrong, and need to be divinely re-directed.  

I decide that instead of going home, I will stay out until I am tired, and re-start the night with a prayer:

“Where would you have me go?

What would you have me do?

Who would you have me meet?

What you you have me say?”

I have heard this prayer before from Gabby Bernstein and the Course of Miracles. 

We head out to another bar nearby. As we walk, my ear begins to pop from an air pressure change.


I take it as my inner guide saying:

“Listen up - Ready or not - Here it is - Don’t miss it - There it is -

Listen - Listen - Listen!”

We order our drinks and start to talk.

And then it happens.

We both go for it.

We start being honest.

We say things like:

“I can't believe we are having this conversation on a first date.”

“Most of my friends don't even know this.”

“That’s amazing, and you’re a really cool person.”

“I am so glad you said that, I feel the same and there is so much shame it’s hard to talk about.”

“It’s so rare to talk to someone who can truly empathize, usually I just get awkward head nods.”

“This is going to be hard for you, but I know you can get through it.”


I met an amazing soul, who is living his passion fearlessly. I found out that we are going through similar hardships. We were both honest about what was pressing on our hearts.

I opened myself up to the possibility that I was right where I was supposed to be, and I was with the exact person I was supposed talk to -  


It wasn't magical, it was ordinary, and it was a miracle. 


Keys steps to seeing everyday miracles

1. You are being divinely directed.

I dont believe in the God that is a person in the sky, I believe in the God that is a force of nature.

Know and Recognize that you are being divinely directed. Every time you stub your toe or spill your drink, take that moment to stop. Stop and reflect. Go with your gut.

2. Open your heart

Keep an open heart at the crossroads of something great v. something easy. Feel it in your body. Know your triggers and spot them. It is easy to close your heart and numb down, by ordering another drink or watching Netflix.

Keep your heart open to be your best self, and allow the love to flow through you.

3. Open your eyes

You can only see what you believe in.

Open your eyes, baby, and let the miracles in.

Peace, Love, Sat Nam.

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