Fall in Love to Find Love

Do this once a day to find love - fall in love!


Attracting more love into your life is simple, when working with the principle that Like Attracts Like.  The solution to finding love is easy:

Be more loving and you will find more love.

Do more loving things, and you will have more love in your heart.

Speak more lovingly to people, and others will sing your heart’s love song.

Fall in love with life, and someone will fall in love with you!


Fall in love with everyone you meet! 

I know what you're thinking -

Fall in love with someone? Yeah, I wish it could be that easy.
Where is that loveable person who is right for me?
How can I find that love?

There is only one thing you need to do to find love. Fall in love. You might not get it right the first time, so practice. Fall in love every day.

Consider this:

You are special. You are lovable.
And so is he. And so is she.
Everyone has a unique light.

That person - the one across from you on the first date, or the one next to you at work, or the one giving mediocre customer service - that person is loveable. It’s a fact, someone loves them. They have a family: he is a son or brother, she is a daughter or sister, possibly a mother or a father themselves, maybe a loving partner.

Someone has loved them before, but why? This is your guiding question for finding love.

How to Fall in Love with Everyone: 

Everyone is special and it is your job to find out WHY. Look into someone's eyes and silent ask them, are you loveable?

Next time you speak to someone and get bored, consider it a waste of time, or write the person off as or not your type - pause - and ask yourself this:

What makes that person special?

Open your eyes to truly see them in a new light of love, and your heart will follow.

See more love in yourself, and you will see more love all around you.

You have a light inside of you, You have a gift, a spark, something unique that makes you really YOU! How do I know this - because I have something special inside me too! I see your beauty, because I have beauty! I see your intelligence, because I am intelligent. I see your unique gifts, because I have some of my own.

As humans, we can only see things that we have seen before - we can only recognized things that we see within ourselves first. We categorize what we learn, and compartmentalize what we think. If there is love in your heart, you will be able to love another.

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Take this challenge to Fall in Love Every Day!

What are your thoughts on this concept? Let's start a conversation in the comments - 

Peace, Love, Sat Nam



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How to flirt & Why you should with everyone!

Looking for love? Here is one easy way to find it immediately - 

Flirt with EVERYONE! 

Yes, I do literally mean everyone - the man who makes your coffee, the woman who rang you up at Trader Joe’s, that cute guy, that not-so-cute guy, your grandmother, your co-workers, your friends, children, puppies… everyone. Flirting with everyone is non-sexual way to enjoy life! 

Flirting with Life is different than picking someone up at a bar...  

No sexual jokes and winks!

Do NOT flirt that way!


Let’s break down what Flirting means and looks like -

Flirting is an artform of intimate communication and it has 3 basic qualities.

  1. Give your full attention - eye contact and active listening
  2. Make people feel special, compliments and genuine interest
  3. Have fun! The most important part, relax, joke around, and open your heart.

There is a powerful, exciting, sexual energy inside us that we can learn to use in a non-sexual way.

Flirting with Life is what you should do with everyone, everywhere, anytime!

There is an energy storage in your body that is used for creating life, literally carrying the potential to make a new human. Sexual energy comes with an excitement and intensity that we all know well, and it can be used for expressions other than a physical act of sex. The same excitement that you have when you meet someone you are sexually interested in, what if you put that feeling into everyone you came in contacted with? Everyone could be your new best friend! Everyone sees you as special, and you see them as special.

Find intimacy and community in small ways.

As humans, we are biologically motivated to seek pleasure. We can reprogram ourselves to value pleasure of emotional intimacy over physical intimacy. This shift in motivation will help to see the opportunities for connecting with people all around!  Give and ask in return a smile, eye contact, kind works, and a little time.

How can I start to Flirt with Life?

Everyone wants to be noticed. Everyone wants to be acknowledged.

It can be simple, short and sweet -

“I’m noticing you and I am paying attention. You, as a person, or what you are doing is unique and I appreciate it. Let’s share some short time together in this very moment. Yes? Great! No? Bye.”

I challenge you to try the Flirting with Life technique today, and again tomorrow. Simply give each person you meet your full attention, and intend to have a quality conversation. Try it once a day, until you are doing it automatically every day to everyone you see!


Things will start to change.

You might find yourself living in an alternate reality - a new world that is kind. Albert Einstein said - "The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

You make that decision by the way you interact with the world around you.

So flirt, play, and be present.


Peace, Love, Sat Nam!



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