Help! I got what I wanted!

This should be a Monday Motivation post…

but today I need some motivation.


The problem is -

I have always gotten everything I want.

I look at my life daily and say:

Look at what you created!


Sometimes meant in a good way -

Look at all the love, look at all the magic, look at how everything works out. See how you always get what you need, and usually what you want as well. You created this my accepting it into your life.


Sometimes meant in a bad way -

Today, when I look at my 2 page to-do list, at my plans and hopes for the Love Parade NYC, and my expectations of Hippie in Heels blog...

My personal meditation practice, at my yoga teaching schedule, my personal to-do list,  and moving to a new apartment, my work-for-money schedule, my new client list, my prospective client list, my future travel, my future retreats...

My to-do list is ever growing & never ending.


It feels like a race against the clock.

Every day.

Until the end of the month.

Then the clock resets with new goals and new deadlines.



This is your life, and you planned it this way.

Today I am reminding myself, I wanted this.

I’m standing on the tipping point between success and failure.


I am trying to choose EXCITEMENT over ANXIETY.

I’ll just do one small thing on my to-do list now, instead of crying that it is two pages long.

Taking advice from Mark Zuckerberg

“I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of  progress.”


I can only humble myself in GRATITUDE.

Gratitude that I got what I wanted.

I have to live with it - love, magic, to-do list, and all.

Peace, Love, Sat Nam