Sucks to Suck

It sucks to suck. Do it anyway.

When I heard Ira Glass deliver this little number, I felt the truth of this statement hit me so hard.

It’s about me.

Identifying feels disgusting, because there are tons of people who suck at what they do. I dont want to be in the Sucks to Suck group, I dont want to be stuck there. The shame of that reality hurt. I trusted his voice to give me that kind of tough-love truth-bomb, because I listen to his voice almost every week on This American Life.

Most things I do creatively kind of suck. I have written so many posts, and poems, and designed so many things, and they suck. I am scared to share them.

I know they suck. If a 12 year old showed me my own work, I would be super impressed. But I am not proud of most of what I produce. My process excites me, but the products bring me down.


So - how can I become a really awesome blogger, writer, editor, designer, planner, marketer?

Fail more. Suck more.

Bridge the Gap.

Peace, Love, Sat Nam

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