Smoothie Secrets

Blend once - Freeze - Enjoy all week!  

Busy is relative, and often glorified. About a year ago I was working part-time at a corporate job, going to school part-time, and training for a pageant - which was like another part time job that includes working out twice a day, cooking every meal, constantly shopping for things you wouldn't understand, and taking classes.

Busy is a good word to describe the tempo of my life at that time, but I wanted to be positive and not glorify the act of doing thing. I used the daily mantra 

 "I have enough time
to do everything that I need to do

I stressed the "enough time" to mean, no more and no less time than absolutely necessary. No room for messing around, no room for making mistakes - just focus, do it right the first time, and stay on task. I also stressed the importance of what I "need to do" opposed to what I would have liked to do. Sometimes that meant not doing everything on my list because I need a nap and a little self care. The point is, the mantra worked.

So, I was busy. Mixed with my interest in efficiencies, I became a little neurotic with my daily routines. For example, I would time myself while getting ready in the morning (21 minute record including a shower, thank you very much!) I will share my embarrassingly neurotic habits with your for the delicious health benefits.

I developed this 3 step process for having home made smoothies every morning without having to blend and clean each time.

1. Blend 

2. Freeze 

3. Overnight defrost

During this pageant training, and for a while after, I was eating 5-7 smalls meals of 250-400 cals every 2-3 hours. The words obsessive and neurotic are coming to mind? Please understand that I had four months to reach my fitness goals, and either way, I was going to be on stage, literally being judged.  My diet was basically gluten-free and dairy-free, and I was looking for a way to get more veggies in my diet. 

My goal was to make half of my diet vegetables. I was determined to find a way to fit some greens into my morning! I became obsessed with smoothies!

HALF GREENS!     greens- kale, fruit- strawberries and blueberries, fat- banana  


greens- kale, fruit- strawberries and blueberries, fat- banana  

1. Blend

Ingredients -

Whenever I start cooking any dish, I always ask my fridge the same questions:

What can you utilize without going shopping?

And: What is going to go bad in the next few days? The answer to these questions is what you will use. 

I'm sure you have a favorite smoothie recipe - Great! If not, just experiment and follow these smoothie guidelines: 


Base - 

Fat, Fruit, and Greens

For a Fat, use a banana or avocado. 

Fruit and Greens, use anything, just ask your fridge what it would like to contribute.


Kale and almond milk - add ground flaxseed. 

Kale and almond milk - add ground flaxseed. 

Extras -

Protein powder, cocoa, flaxseed, oats, yogurt, chia seeds, figs.  

Tip -

Blend the greens and liquid first. This will help the greens chop and disappear a little more. 

Add the powdered extras now opposed to at the end, I find it less messy this way. 

Then add the fat and fruit, and maybe more liquid. 

2. Freeze 

Separate the smoothie batch you made into one serving size cups. Place in freezer. 

The serving size is your choice, it depends on how long you want this batch to last. I would suggest 4 days max to avoid a frost build up. 


3. Overnight defrost 

Each night before you go to bed, place one cup from the freezer to the fridge for defrosting. 

The middle will be a little more frozen than the outer edges. Sometimes I used a hand held mixer to stir it up in the mornings, or a fork/knife to chop it up a bit. 

Wake up. Have a smoothie.

You're welcome, now you have the efficiency skills of a neurotic pageant girl. 


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