Why a scarf is the perfect gift

I opened up the box and there it was. Just a limp piece of cloth. I was underwhelmed, and (because I lived in Arizona at the time) unsure if I would use it.


I wasn’t expecting a gift at all, so I was just happy to receive. The colors were neutral with a little orange pop. Classic and versatile. I thanked and hugged and we went on our way to dinner.


Later in the week, I realized - This is the most perfect gift anyone has ever given me!  


So simple. So caring. A scarf is the perfect gift for anyone because it says:


I care about you.

I want you to be warm.

I trust you to be able to accessorize appropriately.

I want the delicate skin on your neck to be comfortable.


It can be given to anyone without being too extravagant or too insignificant.

Your grandma will appreciate it.

Your brother will use it.

Your co-worker will thank you.

Your lover will love it!   


A scarf is the gift that says you care in a simple, unassuming way. 


Peace, Love, Sat Nam





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