Releasing Control

If you don't like vivid dream analysis and poems that rhyme, this post is not for you.

Last weekend I was having long sleeps and vivid dreams. I’ll give you the short version that hasn't yet corroded away into a blurred memory.

In one scene, I was driving a car. I started the car, and the all of a sudden, I found myself in the back seat. The car was rolling forward slowly on the road, and I was sitting in the back passenger seat. I considered lurching over the seat and grabbing the wheel. But I was frozen.

In another scene I felt hands touching me. Just hands, not connected to any body. Just hands rubbing up and down my back. Again, I couldn't move. Now is about the time when I gained consciousness in my dream, and thought, wow I really don't like this dream - but it isn't too scary - so I will wait it out. And shortly after, I woke to my dark room, rolled over and tried it again.


I love dreaming. It is one of the best ways to process emotions. Besides dancing. I have always been a very active and vivid dreamer.

The next day, I was having a long day to myself - writing, watching documentaries, cooking food, crying, dancing - and I wrote a poem to interpret the meaning of my dreams.

release control poem.jpg

Let it go, Let it go

Let the loving light show

Release the bad

Release the good

Doesnt matter what you know

Life will ebb and flow

it will be good

it will be bad

Release control

I dont want to block love and block a miracle because I am too busy trying to control the situation. Control is a block. I want to let go and expand. Let go through pain to an open heart. Removing blocks. My block is control.

I came to this conclusion, by sitting with a pen and paper. I wrote the highlights of my dreams. Then I sat, and breathed a little. I was alone, but the TV was on. I wasnt doing any fancy meditation. I just sat, and asked myself, what is the meaning. I quietly asked my higher-self - why. Why was I having vivid dreams of being uncomfortable? Being not particularly frightening or eventful - Why were they so vivid?

Meaning? I wrote - “Let it go...” And I kept writing.  

Peace, Love, Sat Nam

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