Why I don't "diet" anymore

I went to see Guru Dev Singh, the only living master of Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan. He was teaching a few classes and workshops in NYC earlier this month. I have seen him before and I know how powerful his classes are, despite not speaking much. When he does lecture and instruct, it is soft and broken with a Spanish accent. His words of wisdom stuck with me; 

"Perfect the way you are, just a little distracted."

I should stop trying to fix myself. I already am perfect. Even though I do have faults and impurities, they can change without my focusing being on fixing or cleansing. I do make mistakes but I am still in the perfect place and having the right experience. 

I have stopped dieting.

 Mindfully enjoying a pumpkin doughnut! 

 Mindfully enjoying a pumpkin doughnut! 

I have a diet, but that means something completely different to me now. Instead of focusing on what I need to change about how I eat, I just give myself a set of guidelines about what would be ideal to eat at some point during each day. I don't need to fix my body and my diet. I just need to be more aware of what I eat and pay attention to how I feel after eating. I eat slowly, and do my best to feed my body what makes it feel good. I eat with mindfulness. 

Making mistakes, like being unmindful while eating pizza, is something I would like to do less of.  Moving through faults and imperfections happens when we pay attention. Mindfulness without an effort to change, is witnessing. Witnessing without judging or changing or telling stories is unbiased witnessing. 

"That made me mad." Is a witnessing thought. I don't need to yell about it. I don't need to re-frame my mind to gratitude right away. I don't need to react. I don't need to do anything. I see myself in anger, and I witness it. I get curious. I dig a little deeper into how it feels. 

Choose mindfulness today. Throughout the day.


Showering? Feel the warm water and be present. 
Walking? Notice your surrounding and be present.
Eating? Slow down, chew and taste, be present. 

The anger, just like the water from the shower, it will evaporate and pass in it's own time. Focus in on the experience, and be less distracted.

Mindfulness creates change. 

Peace, Love and Sat Nam,


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