Meditation will ruin your life. Do it anyway.

Once you dive into the deep end of sitting alone with your thoughts, things will never be the same. 

Meditation will ruin your life. 

Life as you know it will change. Your perspective will change. The way you deal with stress and pain will change. The way you relate to your brain and identify with your soul will change. Your brain chemistry will literally change!



Things will not be the same.

Once you open that door, you can’t close it.

The vail has been lifted.  

Fog of daily life no longer has a hold on you.

Little things you once held on to and cared about don't matter.


Things are guaranteed to get better, and guaranteed to get worse.

Change is guaranteed.


Meditation is like a rocket ship for change.

You might travel to distant lands, or malfunction and implode.

That is the reason for yoga.

Prepare the body for the power of meditation.

A strong body will carry you safely through.


Meditation is guaranteed to ruin what you now know as “your life.”


Dont believe everything you read… have your own experience. 


Ready for some change?

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