Manifesting Money: 3 steps, 1 secret - 300 dollars, 1 week

Last week I decided that I could really use an extra $200.

Now, I have $300 cash.

There is one big mistake that people make when manifesting. This applies to everything, but it is especially challenging with finances. It is easy to count all the times that I didn't manifest money - I failed 3 times this week, not to mention all the times money did not fall from the sky and into my purse like I was hoping!

Trusting that it will happen is the single most important part.

Trust? I know where your mind just went - Trust ..but ... when will it come, and where? How long should I trust? What am I trusting? Shhh worried mind, it’s called manifesting.  

I am sure you have heard of  ManifestingI was introduced to the book The Secret in high school by my best friend Ashley. She and I had many adventures using this technique of manifestation - including a last minute, 26-hour-trip to see a band across the country, the day before my freshman year finals week. It was crazy and everything worked out perfectly, another story for another time. Her example of how to live and trust your life around manifestations gave me confidence to do the same.

Trusting manifestations. It takes time to learn how to trust.  

I have learned how to trust in things that I do not have control over. This helps when you acknowledge the occurrence of miracles. Consider this definition by A Course in Miracles:

“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.”

If you consider that miracles are naturally occurring phenomenons, then they should be happening all the time. The catalyst for these occurrences are expressions of love - love for yourself, love for another, love for a stranger, love for beauty, love of nature, love of god, love of chocolate and peanut butter over berries.

Express your love and miracles will naturally occur.



The basic 3-step-process for manifesting is

1. Ask

2. Trust

3. Receive

Trust is the hard one. This past week, I failed three times at manifesting money.

Fail #1

Last week I was supposed to be paid 200 by an employer who was going to transfer through paypal. I thought, “Yes! This is it - I just manifested this and I’m a powerful being.” But it didn't work out and they are snail-mailing me a check instead.

Fail #2

Then I realize that I should be getting around 300 from some independent contractor work I did a few months ago. The pay cycle just ended, and I should receive the payment by direct deposit. I email them, they email me back, and nothing.

Fail #3

A few days ago a friend called with an opening at a position for a trade show that paid 240 cash on the spot! Perfect! But they decided they wanted a brunette instead of a blonde last minute and canceled. Bummer.   


Three failed attempts at manifesting money. I was disappointed and had good reasons to not trust that I would work out. The classic mantra of abundance helps to keep my mind on track:

“I deserve abundance. I am grateful for what I already have. I deserve abundance.”

I believe that miracles naturally occur, and I believe that I truly deserve abundance and I am willing to express love for myself and others. Even after three rejections, I can choose to keep an open heart.

Willingness to receive love and abundance creates miracles.  


Peace, Love, Sat Nam


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