Life Hacks for Starbucks and Chipotle every hippie should know!

How a Starbuck cup

will help you meditate 


Find delicious abundance

at Chipotle.   


Living in the modern world can be stressful for us peace-loving hippies.  We have to use the tools that are given to us to make each moment magical and abundant. A simple breakfast at Starbucks and lunch at Chipotle can simplify your whole day! Here are two life-hacks to use there, and you haven't heard these before! 

Starbucks' cup doubles as an incense holder! 

Save your cup for later, and re-use before you recycle. 

The little air hole at the other side of the coffee cup lid is a little too small for the wooden part of an incense stick.

Push it in, and it stays up perfect, catching the ashes as they fall. Perfect for a last minute, mess free incense holder!


Chipotle leftovers for life! 

    Hippies love a good deal, and don't mind “sticking it to the man” every once in a while. Chipotle has a Hippie in Heels approved menu, with vegan and local farm fresh options. The price can be a bit much, more than $11 for a burrito bowl (and yes I did know that the guac is cost extra!) But that is not the only thing you can get for a little extra ... 

    When getting a burrito bowl, pointing out each item, simply ask “May I have some more please,” and the employee will put another scoop on your bowl. BAM - Leftovers! Double the scoops, just for asking. 


A modern day Hippie in Heels knows how to see abundance everywhere, isn't afraid to ask for it. You can turn this modern world into a magical one! 


Peace, Love, Sat Nam



Photo Credit: Cristiano Secci 


What are your Hippie in Heels LIfe Hacks? 

Comment below, and share your secrets!