Less is More

Turning gradual change into long term success.

Less Bad Habits, More Good Habits.


Goal setting, time lining, and color coding are just a few of my favorite things. I could sit all day with an excel sheet and color-code the shit out of it! Productivity turned art project is my specialty.

But that doesn't always help. Real, long term changes really start with making a daily choice. 

Case in point:

How I became a daily mediator 

I just realized that I have been meditating almost every day for 8 Months. That is a long time to have an accidental habit! I had no idea I was a daily mediator until I was discussing morning practices with a friend.... "You do that every day? How long have you been doing that..." Then it it me, 8 freaking months. 

I made a choice. Every morning. I roll out of bed and I choose me. 

It's a simple choice. I am not thinking about tomorrow, or next month, or the next 8 months. Just today. What do I choose today, right now?

Making long term changes start with small decisions. 

More of the good, less of the bad.

My health goals are endless, and ever changing. It is so much easier to focus on small things I can do to improve my health. 

Less coffee, meaning not every day. Right now I am drinking Chai flavored Yerba Mate with coconut milk instead. Yum!

More fruit, like berries and apples once a day. Less processed sugar, and smaller portions of baked goods.

Less martinis and wine at bars with friends, more sparkling water.

Less take out, more cooking

Less cheese, more peanut butter

Less bread, more warm veggies

Less coffee, more juice

Less sugar, more fruit

More walking, less cabbing

More saving, less spending

More productivity, less social media

More meditating, less hitting the snooze 


Some things need no restrictions…

More veggies -

More fruit…

More crying -

More laughing…



Pro Tip: 

Remove ego

Make a decision and release attachment to it. Don't waste time and energy feeling bad about not making the choice that aligns with your goals. This is a process. Trust yourself. 




Peace, Love, Sat Nam


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