My only inspiration

Beauty is my motivation.

Purely, deeply, inspired and motivated to create, see, and be beauty.

I recently realized that everything I do brings an aspect of beauty to the world.

I want more beauty.

That is why I wake up in the morning and put on makeup.

That is why I wear lace panties and flower pattern pants.

It is why I buy flowers.

It is why I look up at the night sky, to see the sparkling stars or the sparkling buildings.

Everywhere I am, I see beauty.

I look for beauty in others.

I find the beauty in my mistakes through forgiveness.

Beauty in the streets or lush nature.

Beauty in the silence and warmth of an inner fire lit by meditation.

I want to create beautiful things every where around me.

Beautiful websites, beautiful instagram posts, beautifully intimate conversations, and beautiful Love Parades!

Creating a more beautiful world

is my inspiration for the Love Parade NYC

At the 1st Love Parade in NYC last Sunday, April 26th, over 100 people walked on the streets of Manhattan. We passed out flowers and cookies, and spread smiles. Flowers & smiles create small changes in a person’s heart.

Even those little things matter. Every little action matters.

Being inspired by beauty & acting from love

will create change in our world.

We have a choice to ACT or to reACT.

Act from love.

Choose Love.

Choose Love Now.