Insecurely Confident


I am amazed at how completely insecure and overly confident I can be at the same time!

insecurly confident (1).png

I didn’t hesitate to accept a last minute opportunity to walk runway in swim wear for charity fashion show during New York Fashion week. I felt intimidated but I told myself I was a bad bitch and went for it.

Why do I beat myself up internally for “gaining weight” and “looking fat,” when in reality, I dropped a size.

I am insecure about a lot of things. Like moving to a new place, social anxiety from meeting new people all the time, and starting a new job.

Body issues come out when I’m stressed.

It's like a default.


Stress for any reason, leads to body issues. My not-good-enough-mind comes out to play, and wants to pick on my bodily securities.


Not today, negative mind. I’m shedding a light on my insecurities. Because they are only real in the darkness.  

Peace, Love, Sat Nam

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