If Dr. Suess commuted in NYC...

If Dr. Seuss lived in New York City,

and had to take 2 trains to work,

he would have written, “Green Eggs and Ham” a little differently…


Here is my Dr. Seuss inspired poem with a “would not, could not” flair on how my morning commute feels.


The F is coming, I am getting on.

I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes,

I dont always wait this long.

The screech and stop, the doors slide open wide.

I see some space in the middle, and I’m ready to ride.

What’s this?

People, standing near the door!

You have to be kidding me.

Just move in a little more!

Excuse me... yes you,

Near the door and huddled so tight,

Would you mind moving over?

Let’s make this right.


Would you, could you, move an inch.

I would really appreciate it, it would be a cinch!

“I would not, could not move an inch,

“I do not care if you are in a pinch.”

“I would not, could not, step away from the door,

“You will have to wait for the next subway to come with a roar.”


Could you, would you, move an inch?

There is more space here, can’t you see?

Enough room for both you and me!

“I would not, could not, move an inch.  

“That space next to me, I enjoy having it free.”

“Another F train may come soon,

“But it’s no guarantee.”


Could you, would you, move towards the middle?

Could you, would you, move just a little?

“I could not, would not move towards the middle.

“I will not budge, not even a little.”

“If there is more room, I just can’t see.

“I’m just standing here, my ear buds and me.”


Could you, would you, move an inch? It could be you outside next time, instead of me.

One day we will all be on the subway, together, in harmony.


*Doors Close. Subway rolls away. End Scene.

This has been a public service announcement to all MTA users: Please step all the way into the middle of the car and use all available doors for entry and exit. #SeeSomethingSaySomething


Trigger Warning: New Yorkers missing the train. 

Video by Audrey Stanfield on 2014-06-02.








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