30 Day Challenge to be High Everyday

I commit to not drinking coffee or alcohol.

Because I only want more.

One more cup of coffee, one more glass of wine.

But what I really want is MORE

More of everything around me.

More understanding

More clarity

More love.

And I will get more of what I want, by doing less of what I don’t want.

I want to be so high, all the time,

that I can’t even feel my face.

And my body doesnt matter

And my thoughts don’t matter

because the feeling of vastness is expanding

and everything opens up

to receive more.

The organic high feeling is what I crave. It starts with a pinch in my nose, that flows up to my forehead and follows a string up through my head. It is clouded by the stimulation and numbing that I put myself through on a daily basis. Cutting out coffee and wine will be like taking a stuffed animal away from a toddler. It’s my crutch, my safety, but I know there is something better on the other side of these substances. Something fresh and clear.  

I will do a 30 day commitment. Why a month? Because after that, it will be easier to control my cravings and I can focus on something else.

Wish me luck!

Peace, Love, and Sat Nam!









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