That something that is wrong with you is really what is right!

When you cant orgasm how you expect to...

When you gain a little weight...

When you forget something important...

When you are scatterbrained...

When you snap at someone...

When you burst into tears...

When you stub your toe...


When you have a problem, there is not something wrong with you. 

Yes, you are having a problem. But your problem is not the problem. You problem is a symptom.

Your body and your mind are working fine. It is not an accident. It is sending out smoke signals for help, saying, “Whoa whoa whoa, slow it down, pay attention over here!”Your body is so smart. It self corrects all the time, and it is constantly healing and regenerating itself. All by itself. The pain is your body asking you to join in the healing process. Something needs to be re-directed. Your symptoms show a greater problem. Made of not just one issue, but multiple issues that create a catalyst for a greater change within you. 


What to do?

Quiet down. Sit with your symptoms.





Be Present

Be Grateful 


It is only negative if you think it is negative.

Everything is energy, and everything is ever changing.


Just move the energy and it will change.

Nothing is forever. Only stagnation will rot. Keep the flow moving.

Feel it out and move it out.


Peace, Love, Sat Nam








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