Everyday Meditation

Meditation is focusing energy.  

Meditation can happen anywhere. It doesn't have to involve any particular clothing or music. Just close your mouth and listen, become aware, anywhere. Repetitive motion and breath sustain focus. Just be. 

Step 1:

Close your mouth

and listen...

Stop the chatter, inside and outside your head.

Listen to music

Listen to a podcast

or a guided meditation

Listen to your breath

Become aware

Listen to people talk

dogs bark

the noises of nothing special going on around you


On the way to the subway,

driving in a car,

Walking on the street


Step 2:

Repetitive movement




Doing the dishes

Washing the floor

Painting a big wall


Stirring a pot

Chopping veggies

Doodling on a paper

and just breathe.



Peace, Love, Sat Nam!



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