Don't "Lean In"

I read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and I loved it.

I listened to this clip by Cindy Gallop, and realized why I will NOT be “leaning in.”

MakeLoveNotPorn Founder and TED speaker Cindy Gallop at the 2013 3% Conference


How we can stop the cycle of “White guys talking to white guys about other white guys.”


“Put yourself forward!”

Meaning, it is ok to self promote, and you are letting other women down when you don't promote yourself.

and my favorite part...


Cindy describes how we should not only Lean In, but instead “Redesign the Business” More than Leaning In, take action to make the business work for the life you want.

The business world is structured to support a life where there is someone at work, and a different person supporting the home life. The current system of work supports this structure.

I think everyone now agrees that “work/life balance” and “having it all” is irrelevant. People simply want what they want, and that is a different live for each of us.  Segmenting our lives never really works. Work and life and one, and no one really wants it all.

Having the kind of life you want is attainable.This includes having multiple support systems in place so that you can achieve your goals. Being supported emotionally, financially and spiritually means that you have friends to talk with, family to love with, and a money flow to support your life. Your friendships and your work must be aligned, not segmented, to achieve your goals. For example, if your friends did support your work goals, they probably wouldn't be ok with you working late and they wouldn't be your friends for long. Same is true for work, the system must change to support a person’s whole life goals, like having babies or having hobbies.


Big topic that I am not going to solve in this post…so let wrap it up with...  


What’s your micro action?

For me, I need to decide what I want.

What are my long term goals?

What type of environment, friendships, workplaces will help me achieve those goals?

Peace, Love, Sat Nam

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