Dear Friends,

I’ve never thought of myself as an activist.

I’m just doing the best I can, being kind and aware of my friends and family. I’ve read about the social and economic inequality in America like it was the historical account of a few, instead of the current reality of many.


There are so many things I haven't experienced because of my privilege of coming from a white-collar family. Then I read this, and this, and this and this, and this, and this. Now that I am aware of my own privilege and of the untold stories and current circumstances of my fellow Americans, I can see it more clearly. I won’t close my eyes to the injustice that Americans endure.


Their stories are now part of my reality. I’m not going to wait for someone else to fix this. This is my problem - because it is an American problem.


But what can I do? I feel sad, angry, confused, and at times, hopeless. I have spent time in the safety of my privilege, waiting for someone else to initiate the change. Someone else to find a solution. In my heart, I know that this is why these injustices have lasted so long. I must act.


I will act because

  • Now is a pivotal moment for our country

  • Now is a defining moment for our generation

  • Now is where the power of collective action lives

  • Now is the time to Choose Love


Choosing love means spreading joy and beauty to support and uplift any movement founded in unity, democracy, compassion, and equality. It is not the answer to the problem, it is the first step towards change. The function of beauty and joy is to open the heart. From each individual heart, a larger change will come.

First, we must come together and Choose Love Now.


Sending you love,



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