Choose Love Now? or in a few minutes...


Not in a few minutes. Not when I have enough money. Not when I have a great partner.

The only time to choose love is NOW.

I am inspired by the death of two friends to Choose Love Now.

The beautiful communities that formed from their passing turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Max Mendoza and Hari Simran were both men who lived their lives choosing love and spreading joy. They are my inspiration.

Inspiration and motivation are different. Motivation is based on fear. We can be motivated to act now, by fear of death. Inspiration is based on love. We can be inspired to live to the fullest.

The Latin root word for inspire is “spir” meaning breath, spirit, force that moves your life.  

Breath gives power. You can’t live without breath. Breath gives the power to keep going. When you're coming from a place of love, your energy can be infinite. Draw from the infinite energy source of love and let your soul inspire you.


I am inspired to Choose Love Now, because I know that Now is the only time we have.

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream."

Khalil Gibran

Now is the time to Choose Love.

Not in a few minutes, not tomorrow, not when the time is right.

Right Now, I will Choose Love.

Now is the only time we have to make the decision that are going to improve our lives and better our world. The decision that we make Now may be small: a smile, a compliment, random act of kindness.

I don’t like calling these acts small, because I don't want to diminish the value of a smile.

Every interaction you take leaves an imprint the other person’s heart. A smile or great conversation can impact someone’s whole day. Small in action but not small in value.

When we start making these moment-to-moment shifts in action and in thinking, from fear to love, from pain to joy, we are inspired by love. Then we can start to plan for a more loving future and make larger expressions, like the 1st Love Parade in NYC.


That is why Now is the moment to support the Love Parade NYC!

Here are 3 ways to support TODAY:

1. Smile and Compliment a stranger. 

This is the foundation of the #ChooseLoveNow movement: One small act of love will create a change of heart, that is passed along from person to person, and through communities and organizations. 

2. Donate - Get your Yoga class and Offical Shirt! 

There are only a 5 more days for the Indiegogo campaign, and we are 25% on our way to reaching our goal! Get your Yoga class and Offical Shirt! . The date of New York’s 1st Love Parade will be released soon!

3. Spread the word!!

Please share in your favorite Facebook groups & Like our Facebook page, re-post this picture on Instagram, re-tweet this message on Twitter, and share this post your friends who are interested in donating or walking!


Thank you so much to everyone to everyone who has already supported the 1st Love Parade in NYC

I feel the love and I can't wait to walk in the streets of NYC with you! 


Peace, Love and Sat Nam