5 Things I'm REALLY thinking during meditation

Meditation isn't all about Om, Namaste and Sat Nam ... here is what my mind is really thinking.... 

Sitting for my daily meditation, I start with a chant to clear the energy, clear the ego, and create a link to infinite energy: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo meaning: I bow/surrender to the divine teacher of infinite wisdom.

Then my ego, the thinking mind, breaks through. My mind thinks...  

Photo Credit: Rosenberry Rooms

Photo Credit: Rosenberry Rooms

This is stupid

Let me get this straight, you want me to sit down, and do nothing?

Really, like that is going to help anything?

When the negative mind comes forward, thoughts and pains come up, and that means the meditation process is working. At my last meditation retreat, I looked at my partner square in the face and said, “This is so stupid.” We were rounding out an 8 hour day of partner meditations. Luckily, my partner knows me well, and he is a great kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, so he just smiled slightly and said, “So, it’s working, huh.”

Stop everything! I forgot to light candles and incense.

How could I possibly keep meditating without the vital accessories for enlightenment…

My spiritual ego tries to woo me away from meditation with pretty things that sparkle and shine. Keep meditating and create the sparkle from within.

AHH-HA! I just had a brilliant idea!

Inspiration from the divine…  Must write it down…  Must record my minds thoughts…

Wait, Is that you, ego? I recognize you by your constant thinking. Almost got me!

Is this over yet?

My timer must have malfunctioned…  This song is taking forever…  That instructor is an idiot who has completely lost track of time!

Oh precious mind, just relax. Like a child squirming in a chair, see how you are creating the time that you wish would pass. Instead of entertaining necrosis, try to surrender instead, focus on the breathe, the mantra, the moment.

My leg hurts.

Must move my leg - Roll back my shoulders - Scratch my toe - Crack my back - Fix my shirt - Clear my throat - and make One. More. Adjustment. to be comfortable.

The body will talk to you just like your mind. Hush it with compassion, and let it pass. Sit and surrender. Open up and release the pain. There is a gift at the other end of the meditation, but if you are distracted by movement, you will miss the gift.

and we are done! 

Meditation isn't always easy. Thoughts, pains, distractions come up in the mind and the body. Meditation is about learning to watch your mind, instead of reacting. Slow down time by increasing mindfulness.

I am learning to be the master of my mind, and not give in to it's fickle thoughts. 

Peace, Love, Sat Nam