Help! I got what I wanted!

This should be a Monday Motivation post…

but today I need some motivation.


The problem is -

I have always gotten everything I want.

I look at my life daily and say:

Look at what you created!


Sometimes meant in a good way -

Look at all the love, look at all the magic, look at how everything works out. See how you always get what you need, and usually what you want as well. You created this my accepting it into your life.


Sometimes meant in a bad way -

Today, when I look at my 2 page to-do list, at my plans and hopes for the Love Parade NYC, and my expectations of Hippie in Heels blog...

My personal meditation practice, at my yoga teaching schedule, my personal to-do list,  and moving to a new apartment, my work-for-money schedule, my new client list, my prospective client list, my future travel, my future retreats...

My to-do list is ever growing & never ending.


It feels like a race against the clock.

Every day.

Until the end of the month.

Then the clock resets with new goals and new deadlines.



This is your life, and you planned it this way.

Today I am reminding myself, I wanted this.

I’m standing on the tipping point between success and failure.


I am trying to choose EXCITEMENT over ANXIETY.

I’ll just do one small thing on my to-do list now, instead of crying that it is two pages long.

Taking advice from Mark Zuckerberg

“I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of  progress.”


I can only humble myself in GRATITUDE.

Gratitude that I got what I wanted.

I have to live with it - love, magic, to-do list, and all.

Peace, Love, Sat Nam


Mantra Monday: A thought more Dangerous than Fear

A "case of the Mondays" are nothing compared to a case of the "What-ifs"

I was walking down the street yesterday and thinking fearful, what-if, type thoughts. Trying to prepare myself for a worst case scenario. I was thinking through all the dangers. Then I realized, this isn't helpful! My imagination and negative mind are getting the best of me. I am my thoughts and worries are not based on truth.

There is only one truth.

I am not afraid. 

And that is the most dangerous thought I could ever have! 

Watch the video to find out why I am not afraid of anything! 

Be Free. Be Happy. Be Loving. Be Yourself! 


Peace, Love, Sat Nam


Step 1 to Manifestation and Co-Creation with the Universe

Manifest your destiny!!

Co-Create with the Universe!!

… how do I start?

This sounds magical and exciting, but is it real? Manifesting is often seen as mysterious thing that happens unconsciously. Feeling and thoughts create reality, you have heard. What does it actually mean?

Here is how you can use your thoughts to work with your present situation, instead of against it, and expand the possibilities of the future. 

This technique is not new, it is also used in acting, specifically improv performance. The best comedians use this on stage and in films. Children use this principle during play all the time. Learn the 1st step to actively creating your life! 

Here is the first principle to actively creating your future:


Yes, and...


Use this for any situation that is given to you:

Say YES and accept it,

then add to it with AND. 



How do I know this will work?

It is already working! Whole skits can be made from a one-word suggestion form the audience at an improv show. Watch any live comedy show, like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He and his guests evolve on the scripted topics to make things real, and it comes out comical. They listen, and play off each other's energy. That is ultimate creation. Whole worlds can be made in the imagination of playing children. The flow of play is powerful tool. With the “Yes, and…” principle, you can create your future and manifest what you desire.


Let's break it down to Acceptance + Addition 


You have to say Yes. See what is going on and let it be part of reality. No sugar coating, thinking about what-if, swimming upstream, or ignoring your situation. You don’t have to like it, but you can’t fight it either. Surrender, and say, YES, and move on. 



Open up your dream space! How far do you want to dream? What do you want to create? How much can you say yes to? You cannot change anything, only add to what is already there. Imagination and play are essential. Keep moving, keep changing, keep up. 

Try it out for yourself. Play, Accept, and Manifest! 


Peace, Love, Sat Nam



Learn more about how to co-create your life into a life that you love!

Contact Karla and let’s see how we can co-create together! 

How to feel better, when you're not feeling great.

I woke up to today feeling anxious and agitated. I have been challenging myself lately.

More yoga, deeper meditation.

More vulnerability, deeper connections. 

More risks, deeper feeling arise.

More fears and insecurities come up each time I go deeper within myself. The little voice in my head that snears, “Who, you? Why would you think you deserve that? Why would you think that is possible? What do you know?”

That little voice, keeping me down. Releases my fear of judgement, replays my past failures and says, “This could happen again if you keep taking risks. Remember how painful that felt?”

That little voice is my ego, and she wants to protect me from pain. She wants things to stay the same, or possibly go back to the way things were before. Because that is safe. My ego and I know how we respond and feel to those things that happen over and over. Even the pain has a certain comfort in it’s familiarity.

That is where that little voice and I are different. I want things to get better. Something is better than nothing. New pain is better than old pain. I am willing to take risks, even if that little voice follows me around, reminding me that I “could” fail and that I “have” failed before.

I am motivated by the creative force that explodes inside of me.

But not today.

Today I rest.

I comfort that voice, the little one that tells me to stop, wait, think. I will stop, and wait, and think. But I won’t let that voice control the conversation. I won’t judge that part of me for being fearful. I won’t shut it up and stuff it away in the dark corner. I will listen, I will write, I will care for myself.

Today is a time for rest. A time to see my fears, and witness them. Where are you, my fears? Come out from the dark corner of my mind where you like to yell out damaging lies. Come out where I can see you, and I will write you down. We can talk, and we can choose to see things differently. Or maybe we will just talk and start to see a truth for the first time. What is true about my perception? Where is the truth in my fear?

That is the start. To witness, to understand. That is all anyone wants, to feel understood and to feel seen, including me. Including my little voice inside.

Feeling better doesn’t mean feeling great.

Just a small improvement, going from 20% enthusiasm to 50% can change the day. That could be the difference between getting out of bed or not. No one would argue that 50% happiness level is great, but it is better than where you started. Moving towards a better feeling will lead to a great feeling.

Here are a few things I am doing to feel better:

  • Stretch. Go to a yoga class or just moving my body for a few minutes.

  • Cry. Find something that makes you feel and have a release. 

  • Smile. Find something to smile about. Inspiration on Pinterest.

  • Write. Journal about your feelings, everything in your head is valid.  

  • Eat. Nourish your brain and your soul with clean food.


I hope you get out of bed this morning, but if not, that is ok too. It is not always about being great, sometimes it is about being just a little better than before. 

Peace, Love, Sat Nam