Breaking up with myself

I have come to a very special place where I can no longer handle bull shit.

My bull shit tank is full, for the rest of my life. I am done taking shit, dishing shit, and giving a shit.  My more graceful girl friend, The Goddess of Truth and Queen of the Dessert, calls this, speaking her truth. Truth is all I see and anything less is unacceptable.


I am unequivocally done with my own bull shit as well! I am sick and tired of witnessing my patterns, hearing my stories of why and why not, and being in a closed circuit loop of learning where I get the same lessons over and over.  

I try and give myself excuses, and I am just flat out done. It is so beautiful to have this apathy towards my previous pains and fears.


Basically - I am breaking up with myself. I’m over it. I can't handle the same old shit that my old self wants to give me.


The false truths that are based in fear are no longer where my soul lives. My old self needs to die, like an old relationship, so that I can come into my new skin.

Like a butterfly from a caterpillar, and a phoenix from the ashes, I am done and ready for the new beautiful reality.

I declare the struggle over.

I invite new clarity into my reality.

I am ready for truth.


Peace, Love, Sat Nam,









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