How to talk to Angels

This weekend I was feeling a little torn. Gratitude and anxiety don't usually go together.

I am so thankful for my new apartment, but I am nervous about where my work will be in the next coming months. One stress after another, it feels. I am not sure where to put my energy, What should I focus on?


Time to draw some cards!


I close my eyes, take few deep breathes as I flip through the Angel Cards. Asking my angels, Jesus, my higher self, and Ganesha for guidance on my job search and money situation.

I open my eyes, and continue to rummage through the cards, and intuitively choose 3 - my past, present, and future cards.


Here is what I got -

Eight of Earth

Knight of Earth

Nine of Air

Analysis below...

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Past Card: Eight of Earth

Explanation: The past card represents your immediate past. This could be a few hours ago or a few months ago, and it starts out the reading by showing where you came from to get to this point now. 

Card Meaning: The Eight of Earth: some sort of education that needs to occur in order to breathe life in my future.  This is a passion project and this card reassures us that your skilled work will indeed be rewarded as long as we take the time to do the footwork needed to get it off the ground.

Interpretation: I recently started Kundalini Teacher Training just a few weeks ago. This is a step I have been meaning to take for a while, and it will definitely aid in my transformation!  

Present Card: Knight of Earth 

Explanation: The present card represents how things are looking at this very moment. It shows where you are currently holding your attention. 

Card Meaning: The Knight of Earth:  Time to buckle down and get things done! It’s time to move through the planning stages and get fully into action. This includes acquiring the education or training needed as well as coming up with a firm action plan that can allow us to take our initial steps. When we deny the soul  voice, we feel imbalanced, stunted and less than authentic.  Know that you are supported on your journey and that your angel is at your side wanting to help you. Magic is all around. 

Interpretation: It is GO time! I am ready to take action, and I need to keep on track with my goals. This card reminds me to focus in and get clear on what I want and what I expect to manifest. I have so many project up in the air right now, I need to pick one and go for it!

Future Card: Nine of Air

Explanation: The future card represents how things will turn out in your immediate future if you continue down this path and with the energies you are currently focusing on. 

Card Meaning: The Nine of Air: After the initial excitement associated with your venture wears off, though, you may begin to doubt yourself.  You may begin to fret over the logistics of this new opportunity. These doubts are fears created by your ego to hold you back. There is magic all around you, if only you can remember to see it. As you feel these doubts arise, turn toward the light and check in with yourself. Remember all of the hard work that you've done to get here and realign yourself with that feeling of joy that you experienced at the beginning of the week when you felt your dreams come to life. Remember too that you don’t have to take a huge leap of faith; there can be a slow and steady progress towards your dream, but the more faith that you have in yourself and the Divine, the more quickly you will see results. Trust and allow the magic to unfold.

Interpretation: This spoke to me! I have been getting repeated messages to stay positive, and stop being so dramatic! I have a tendency to flip shit upside down and start new if things aren't working. Lately I have been hit with a few setbacks, like keeping the same job, a cold, and moving to a new place. It reminds me to go slow and take some time out. Keeping up and being positive is key to creating future success. I need to keep positivity around me in the form of inspiration and friends.  

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Your Turn!

What area of your life do you need to "check in" with yourself? Cards are a great way to as your angels/higher self/the creator for tangible guidance. 

The time to ask is NOW, while you are wondering... 

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