Everyone has a friend like Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is your friend, the brutally honest friend

We all have a friend like Mercury Retrograde...

She doesn't put up with complaining, she might accidentally crack your screen, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone.

We all need someone like MR in our lives. Let’s be honest: You needed a break from your phone, and she only told you what everyone else was thinking.  

You might not consider her your friend, more of a frien-emy that comes around a few times a year, as soon as you have forgotten about her.

When around her, it is best to just relax! Chill out, practice your breathing exercise you learned in yoga. It’s no use confronting her. Just let her play out the dramatics.

She is like a good luck charm in the form of a bulldozer. Stream rolling through life, leaving dramatic miracles behind.

She has her own style, but she really cares about you. Your best interests are her motivation for shaking things up.


No one likes that person that slaps you with truth. We all want to be held and caressed and bathed in truth. Truth isn’t something you plan out or think about - you find it suddenly, or it finds you.

Use this time to re-evaluate and re-examine your past choices and current habits, while gaining a new perspective and understanding.

I thought that was a well-written sentence, so I bolded it - let me tell you what it means:

Things might suck. You’re going to question yourself. You might be angry at the choices you have made in the past. You might blame yourself for your current ways of living and being.

You don't have to think that way - You can choose to accept yourself, love yourself, and forgive yourself for doing the best that you could at the time.

Here are 3 tips for progressing through this time of regress.

  1. Take this time to be kind to yourself. Do a self-love activity. Be proud of all you have overcome to be at this point.
  2. Journal. Reflect on what you are feeling Use this heightened state to clear out beliefs that aren't serving you. Pay attention to what you are feeling, and why. Get clear by writing it down.  
  3. Accept responsibility for where you are now. Acknowledge accomplishments and review patterns of thinking/behavior. You’re still here, protected and on a mission.

Mercury Retrograde is in town until June 11th, so get comfortable with your new friend. 

Message me and let me know how it's going, and how I can help!

Peace, Love, Sat Nam!