Reverse Culture Shock

After returning from 2 weeks in the remote Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, and then losing my phone for another week, New York City was a strange place to come back to. 

What am I supposed to do

When I walk down the street

In my heels, watching for the shit puddles and trash

And in a blink, I am transported to a memory

Of the jungle

Looking up to the trees, down at the river, and surrounded by the sound of silence

Bugs and heat and air around me

Sweat and sunscreen and dirt under itchy skin

Waking up in a hammock and bathing in a river

Cleansing and immediately applying new layers of it all

Flash back to the present

Where I feel more alive in my dreams and in my memories

And in the promise of what I am working towards

Pulled to the future with excitement

Held by the humanity of the past

Staying in the present is a challenge. 

Visit to see the Yawanawa in person Fall 2016

Visit to see the Yawanawa in person Fall 2016