Mantra Monday

What are you going to do about it? In the light of recent national news about how the police, courts, and government systems. I get a feeling of helplessness. What is there to do?

The fire of passion builds up inside of me.

Unfair, unjust, and corrupt things are happening.

This red fire of intolerance to intolerance builds up from the root and wants to shoot out of my mouth as ugly words to fight ugly people.

I want the red and orange flames to burn everything down, but I know that wont help. It would feel good, and the fire needs to come out, but I choose to let the passion fuel me instead of drive a reaction.

Instead I will hold the fire, and feel it burn.

Let it simmer to a cool blue fire that stays in my body and works with my heart.

The blue fire is self sustaining, and wont be blown out or forget why it started.

It wont burn other people on their skin, it will ignite their hearts with the same cool blue hot flame. We can all be motivated by each other’s way of being.

The sudden red hot flame will soon die after a reaction, but the cool blue flame will stay in the heart to change the way of being.

What are you going to do about it?

A way of being is enough to spark sustained motivation for change. Change your way of being through a mental shift. Choose not to react, but to refocus.

Focus on Peace.

Use Peace to fight confusion, sadness, fear, lack, oppression, negativity. Peace is around us, around the corner, waiting for you to let it in.

Follow this prayer:

LET THERE BE PEACE. Start with your mind. LET THERE BE PEACE OF MIND. Surround yourself with a white light and send the white light out

LET THERE BE PEACE WITH MANKIND. Be love and light and give love and light. Send the white light to unite us all, the states of our country, other states of beings, other states across the sea

LET THERE BE PEACE OF THE STATES and go go go in the white light, while it surrounds you, the time is now to spread the light

LET THE WORLD DWELL WITHIN THE FORCE OF PEACE we can do this together. We can create change. We can change our lives, we can change the lives around us. Inhale. Exhale.

LET THERE BE PEACE Inhale. Exhale.


Peace, Love, Sat Nam!