2 New Events for this 2 New Year

"Out beyond ideas
of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field.
I’ll meet you there." - Rumi

I feel the "choose love now" energy circulating as a determined voice of empowerment and dedication to living out the values that I have discovered through trial and error of life. Every day is practice, and the choice to live with compassion always looks different.
Beyond what is right, beyond do-gooding, beyond an outward appearance - choosing love is an individual experience of the highest good, within an unspoken, universal truth, in the only time that really matters, now. 

2 events launching

(appropriate for 2018 as a 2 year, right!?!) 



There is a special strength when women gather. I have been visioning and dreaming about creating an Astrology + Meditation event that brings women together with the cycles of the moon. We designed this intention ritual to align with the lunar astrological themes, offered in a sacred space to encourage self-study and greater spiritual understanding. 

On January 16th, we will have the first of 12 new moons of 2018 - the first the Moon Circle. Click here for more information or join the Facebook Event  

KundaliniYoga & Meditation.png


join me on Saturday mornings at 8:45 (prosperity) and 9am (kundalini yoga) at RAMA in LES for the months of January and February

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is a foundational practice in my life. I am blessed to start off the new year sharing this technology. Beyond religion and dogma, exercise the mind + body + spirit


Wishing you a new year of love and expansion as we continue on spaceship earth together,


The Power of Beauty

The kind of beauty that makes you double-take. And weeks later wake up in the middle of the night with a confused wonder that suspends reason.


This isn’t the beauty you’ve been told about. Modern or ancient aesthetic standards can’t measure it. This can’t be replicated, simulated, or fabricated.


The world only knows this beauty in a flash of light, a moment of opening, where you think you may have seen it but you aren’t... quite... sure...


Until the exposure of this beauty becomes common, then you will believe it is real. You will know where to look.




I’m angry that you don’t understand what I mean when I say: beautiful.


But this beauty doesnt need to prove itself. If you don’t know, then you’ve passed it by. I don’t blame you. We’ve been told a lie - that this beauty is only for a few, only at particular times, only if you work for it, only for the fortunate.

The divine speaks to me, not in words, in sight. You say a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at life as a message from God.

Dear Friends,

I’ve never thought of myself as an activist.

I’m just doing the best I can, being kind and aware of my friends and family. I’ve read about the social and economic inequality in America like it was the historical account of a few, instead of the current reality of many.


There are so many things I haven't experienced because of my privilege of coming from a white-collar family. Then I read this, and this, and this and this, and this, and this. Now that I am aware of my own privilege and of the untold stories and current circumstances of my fellow Americans, I can see it more clearly. I won’t close my eyes to the injustice that Americans endure.


Their stories are now part of my reality. I’m not going to wait for someone else to fix this. This is my problem - because it is an American problem.


But what can I do? I feel sad, angry, confused, and at times, hopeless. I have spent time in the safety of my privilege, waiting for someone else to initiate the change. Someone else to find a solution. In my heart, I know that this is why these injustices have lasted so long. I must act.


I will act because

  • Now is a pivotal moment for our country

  • Now is a defining moment for our generation

  • Now is where the power of collective action lives

  • Now is the time to Choose Love


Choosing love means spreading joy and beauty to support and uplift any movement founded in unity, democracy, compassion, and equality. It is not the answer to the problem, it is the first step towards change. The function of beauty and joy is to open the heart. From each individual heart, a larger change will come.

First, we must come together and Choose Love Now.


Sending you love,



Join us at the Love Parade NYC on April 30th, 2017: RSVP

Day One in the Amazon Jungle: Pulled by the Full Moon

I've had trouble writing stories from my two weeks living with the Yawanawá tribe this July in the remote Amazon Rainforest, but this came through today... 

Day One:

Pulled by the full moon
Holding on tight
Speaking with my soul
In the dark of the night

My faith is low
Reaching towards the light
That illuminates my fears
And keeps me in fright.

Looking for something
To save me now
Surrender is the only option
If only I knew how.

Frantic, scared, grasping, 
Counting the ways
I could have died

Stepping into the present
Calming my mind
Knowing the truth
The illusion of time

Stop with the panic
Stop with the fright
Call in the beauty
And the darkness of night

Of all I know,
This is true:
I am stuck on a boat.
Alone. With you.

The morning fog starts to disappear as the sun rises in the dry season of July. The non-profit,  Indigenous Celebration , organizes a trip to the Mutum Village to visit the Yawanawá tribe in Acre, Brazil region of the Amazon Jungle. 

The morning fog starts to disappear as the sun rises in the dry season of July. The non-profit, Indigenous Celebration, organizes a trip to the Mutum Village to visit the Yawanawá tribe in Acre, Brazil region of the Amazon Jungle. 

Reverse Culture Shock

After returning from 2 weeks in the remote Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, and then losing my phone for another week, New York City was a strange place to come back to. 

What am I supposed to do

When I walk down the street

In my heels, watching for the shit puddles and trash

And in a blink, I am transported to a memory

Of the jungle

Looking up to the trees, down at the river, and surrounded by the sound of silence

Bugs and heat and air around me

Sweat and sunscreen and dirt under itchy skin

Waking up in a hammock and bathing in a river

Cleansing and immediately applying new layers of it all

Flash back to the present

Where I feel more alive in my dreams and in my memories

And in the promise of what I am working towards

Pulled to the future with excitement

Held by the humanity of the past

Staying in the present is a challenge. 

Visit www.ICtickets.org to see the Yawanawa in person Fall 2016

Visit www.ICtickets.org to see the Yawanawa in person Fall 2016

Choose Love Now [Instagram] Giveaway!

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When my heart speaks in rhymes...

...during the night, my heart keeps me up.

Never truly alone
in the dead of the night
looking for love
not giving up the fight.
Spirit is my guide
Emotion is my light
travel through this pain
show me what is right.
Guide me to peace
let my heart give me sight
open up to love
expand with all my might.
Even in the depths
of what my mind fears is true
my heart will not concede
to stop loving you.

Honoring the Undying, Akal Max

Sitting with a group of more than a hundred, chanting and singing at Sat Nam Fest East. I was very close to the stage, and felt the presence and power of the chanting crowd behind me.

I thought of the words: Akal, and the meaning, undying. Consciously, I begin directing my voice with love towards my friend Max, who passed just over a year ago.

As a result of his death, the relationships of his friends have been cemented together, in our self-proclaimed family: the soul tribe. I feel deeply connected to those who knew him. Through shared experience, like a secret that can never truly be told again, the experience of a soul.



Knowing Max was an experience. I see pieces of him in others, the wild ones. As much as he was a special soul, he gave a specialness to life itself. He lived - really lived. He was brave and vulnerable, and always did what he thought was right. There were many times that I was angry or annoyed with him, but it never lasted long because I couldn’t be mad at someone who was just being himself. He was always being himself, and uncovering more of himself.

Being with him during his earthly time, and honoring his life after his passing is one of my most heart-opening experiences. That is what overwhelmed me as I chanted: I vibrated with the undying, and let the cooling saltwater relieve me.



I chant


Feeling a burning in my throat, I tilt my head back.


The burn travels down to my heart.


It expands, and breaks, and opens more.


Traveling up from the base of my spine.


The burn is cooled by water streaming down my face.


I chant



Akal is Undying. The soul is passing through the existence of the pranic body, out of the electromagnetic field of the Earth, continuing on the journey to it’s true home.

“Earth is like a hotel; it is not our true home.” - YB



Snatam Kaur chants the sacred mantra "Akal" which means "Undying" to honor the souls of the departed. This powerful chant can be used anytime a loved one passes to honor their spirit and help them 'cross into the blue ethers', as it is known in the Kundalini yoga tradition, essentially helping the soul move on to another dimension of life.

Everyone has a friend like Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is your friend, the brutally honest friend

We all have a friend like Mercury Retrograde...

She doesn't put up with complaining, she might accidentally crack your screen, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone.

We all need someone like MR in our lives. Let’s be honest: You needed a break from your phone, and she only told you what everyone else was thinking.  

You might not consider her your friend, more of a frien-emy that comes around a few times a year, as soon as you have forgotten about her.

When around her, it is best to just relax! Chill out, practice your breathing exercise you learned in yoga. It’s no use confronting her. Just let her play out the dramatics.

She is like a good luck charm in the form of a bulldozer. Stream rolling through life, leaving dramatic miracles behind.

She has her own style, but she really cares about you. Your best interests are her motivation for shaking things up.


No one likes that person that slaps you with truth. We all want to be held and caressed and bathed in truth. Truth isn’t something you plan out or think about - you find it suddenly, or it finds you.

Use this time to re-evaluate and re-examine your past choices and current habits, while gaining a new perspective and understanding.

I thought that was a well-written sentence, so I bolded it - let me tell you what it means:

Things might suck. You’re going to question yourself. You might be angry at the choices you have made in the past. You might blame yourself for your current ways of living and being.

You don't have to think that way - You can choose to accept yourself, love yourself, and forgive yourself for doing the best that you could at the time.

Here are 3 tips for progressing through this time of regress.

  1. Take this time to be kind to yourself. Do a self-love activity. Be proud of all you have overcome to be at this point.
  2. Journal. Reflect on what you are feeling Use this heightened state to clear out beliefs that aren't serving you. Pay attention to what you are feeling, and why. Get clear by writing it down.  
  3. Accept responsibility for where you are now. Acknowledge accomplishments and review patterns of thinking/behavior. You’re still here, protected and on a mission.

Mercury Retrograde is in town until June 11th, so get comfortable with your new friend. 

Message me and let me know how it's going, and how I can help!

Peace, Love, Sat Nam!


Help! I got what I wanted!

This should be a Monday Motivation post…

but today I need some motivation.


The problem is -

I have always gotten everything I want.

I look at my life daily and say:

Look at what you created!


Sometimes meant in a good way -

Look at all the love, look at all the magic, look at how everything works out. See how you always get what you need, and usually what you want as well. You created this my accepting it into your life.


Sometimes meant in a bad way -

Today, when I look at my 2 page to-do list, at my plans and hopes for the Love Parade NYC, and my expectations of Hippie in Heels blog...

My personal meditation practice, at my yoga teaching schedule, my personal to-do list,  and moving to a new apartment, my work-for-money schedule, my new client list, my prospective client list, my future travel, my future retreats...

My to-do list is ever growing & never ending.


It feels like a race against the clock.

Every day.

Until the end of the month.

Then the clock resets with new goals and new deadlines.



This is your life, and you planned it this way.

Today I am reminding myself, I wanted this.

I’m standing on the tipping point between success and failure.


I am trying to choose EXCITEMENT over ANXIETY.

I’ll just do one small thing on my to-do list now, instead of crying that it is two pages long.

Taking advice from Mark Zuckerberg

“I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of  progress.”


I can only humble myself in GRATITUDE.

Gratitude that I got what I wanted.

I have to live with it - love, magic, to-do list, and all.

Peace, Love, Sat Nam


My only inspiration

Beauty is my motivation.

Purely, deeply, inspired and motivated to create, see, and be beauty.

I recently realized that everything I do brings an aspect of beauty to the world.

I want more beauty.

That is why I wake up in the morning and put on makeup.

That is why I wear lace panties and flower pattern pants.

It is why I buy flowers.

It is why I look up at the night sky, to see the sparkling stars or the sparkling buildings.

Everywhere I am, I see beauty.

I look for beauty in others.

I find the beauty in my mistakes through forgiveness.

Beauty in the streets or lush nature.

Beauty in the silence and warmth of an inner fire lit by meditation.

I want to create beautiful things every where around me.

Beautiful websites, beautiful instagram posts, beautifully intimate conversations, and beautiful Love Parades!

Creating a more beautiful world

is my inspiration for the Love Parade NYC

At the 1st Love Parade in NYC last Sunday, April 26th, over 100 people walked on the streets of Manhattan. We passed out flowers and cookies, and spread smiles. Flowers & smiles create small changes in a person’s heart.

Even those little things matter. Every little action matters.

Being inspired by beauty & acting from love

will create change in our world.

We have a choice to ACT or to reACT.

Act from love.

Choose Love.

Choose Love Now.

Choose Love Now? or in a few minutes...


Not in a few minutes. Not when I have enough money. Not when I have a great partner.

The only time to choose love is NOW.

I am inspired by the death of two friends to Choose Love Now.

The beautiful communities that formed from their passing turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Max Mendoza and Hari Simran were both men who lived their lives choosing love and spreading joy. They are my inspiration.

Inspiration and motivation are different. Motivation is based on fear. We can be motivated to act now, by fear of death. Inspiration is based on love. We can be inspired to live to the fullest.

The Latin root word for inspire is “spir” meaning breath, spirit, force that moves your life.  

Breath gives power. You can’t live without breath. Breath gives the power to keep going. When you're coming from a place of love, your energy can be infinite. Draw from the infinite energy source of love and let your soul inspire you.


I am inspired to Choose Love Now, because I know that Now is the only time we have.

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream."

Khalil Gibran

Now is the time to Choose Love.

Not in a few minutes, not tomorrow, not when the time is right.

Right Now, I will Choose Love.

Now is the only time we have to make the decision that are going to improve our lives and better our world. The decision that we make Now may be small: a smile, a compliment, random act of kindness.

I don’t like calling these acts small, because I don't want to diminish the value of a smile.

Every interaction you take leaves an imprint the other person’s heart. A smile or great conversation can impact someone’s whole day. Small in action but not small in value.

When we start making these moment-to-moment shifts in action and in thinking, from fear to love, from pain to joy, we are inspired by love. Then we can start to plan for a more loving future and make larger expressions, like the 1st Love Parade in NYC.


That is why Now is the moment to support the Love Parade NYC!

Here are 3 ways to support TODAY:

1. Smile and Compliment a stranger. 

This is the foundation of the #ChooseLoveNow movement: One small act of love will create a change of heart, that is passed along from person to person, and through communities and organizations. 

2. Donate - Get your Yoga class and Offical Shirt! 

There are only a 5 more days for the Indiegogo campaign, and we are 25% on our way to reaching our goal! Get your Yoga class and Offical Shirt! . The date of New York’s 1st Love Parade will be released soon!

3. Spread the word!!

Please share in your favorite Facebook groups & Like our Facebook page, re-post this picture on Instagram, re-tweet this message on Twitter, and share this post your friends who are interested in donating or walking!


Thank you so much to everyone to everyone who has already supported the 1st Love Parade in NYC

I feel the love and I can't wait to walk in the streets of NYC with you! 


Peace, Love and Sat Nam


Healing through my dark side

Spiritual and personal development are beautiful things that are supposed to make our lives better, but what happens when things get worse?


What did you do today -  is the question I have been dreading for a month. My life has not been pretty. Sleeping for 12 hours, then crying for 5 hours doesn't leave much time for anything else. Heavy internal work looks like nothing.

It looks like I am literally not doing anything.


I don’t want to talk about.

Luckily, no one wants to hear about it. Except that isn't true. Feeling terrible is part of the spiritual journey. The journey of realizing that you are a spiritual being, and then acting like it. To see yourself as infinite is beautiful, but it involves not-so-pretty moments. It can get ugly. It should get ugly - the ugly feelings and emotions that brought me here are the ones that will bring me through.


“It’s darkest before the dawn.” They say. “Without the dark, there would be no light.” I’ve heard. Well, Fuck. I say, this sucks.


This is my to-do list for the past month-

Sleeping, journaling, crying, yoga, meditation, getting out of bed, getting back into bed, calling a sympathetic friend, telling my story, listening to stories, changing my story. Changing the story I choose to tell myself. Accepting my feelings as something that I created, an emotion that I chose to feel. Taking ownership for the story I created. Owning how I feel about my story. Choosing to be sad. Choosing to wrap myself up in the dirt of my ugly behavior.  

Choosing something different. Choosing to see myself as I really am. Not liking that person. Not wanting to be that person. Deciding that old person must die. My ego must die. Those old habits must die. Those old emotions must die. The old story must die.

Healing comes from truth in sadness

I came from a place of real darkness. Using yoga, meditation, and supportive relationships to keep me grounded and keep me safe, I was able to stay in the pain and sadness. That is where the healing comes from - staying with sadness. Being honest with the sadness. Choosing to see my story, change my story. Choosing to love myself, no matter what. Choosing to take ownership of my actions and my feelings. Giving myself love and practicing self-care. Accepting that things suck, and not covering it up with excuses or promises of a better tomorrow. Knowing that this feeling is temporary.

What to do what spiritual growth turns ugly?

1. Be honest with the sadness.

2. Choose to see the story with truth, and change the story.

3. Choose to love myself, no matter what.

4. Choose to take ownership of actions and feelings.

5. Practice self-care.

6. Accept that things suck, and not cover it up with excuses or promises of a better tomorrow.

7. Know that this feeling is temporary.

8. Ask for help and share your story. 

Two months later, and suddenly I felt a little better, a little lighter. The next week, that lighter feeling stuck around just a little longer. Four months later, I feel like I did before the cold winter started. I am changed, and I am healed. Now, I want to choose my happiness.

It was so valuable for me to fully feel my emotions of anger, frustration, and sadness. I better understand myself and my place in the world because I gave myself space to answer some hard questions. Questions like: Am I living my best expression of love? What do I want to contribute to the world?

I am ready to Choose Love

I know that what I put into the world will be based on Love.  I will choose love, and the time is now. Power is in the present moment. Choosing love means choosing to smile, be nice, and compliment. These little changes of heart will lead to big changes in our communities and through the world. 

I had an idea to have a Love Parade

What is a Love Parade?

Support the Love Parade NYC in 3 ways:

1. Help me create the 1st Love Parade in NYC, and support the Indiegogo Campaign!

2. Share this message on Facebook and other social media with #ChooseLoveNow!

3. RSVP for the Love Parade NYC on projected date Sunday, April 26th 2015


Peace, Love, Sat Nam


Meditation will ruin your life. Do it anyway.

Once you dive into the deep end of sitting alone with your thoughts, things will never be the same. 

Meditation will ruin your life. 

Life as you know it will change. Your perspective will change. The way you deal with stress and pain will change. The way you relate to your brain and identify with your soul will change. Your brain chemistry will literally change!



Things will not be the same.

Once you open that door, you can’t close it.

The vail has been lifted.  

Fog of daily life no longer has a hold on you.

Little things you once held on to and cared about don't matter.


Things are guaranteed to get better, and guaranteed to get worse.

Change is guaranteed.


Meditation is like a rocket ship for change.

You might travel to distant lands, or malfunction and implode.

That is the reason for yoga.

Prepare the body for the power of meditation.

A strong body will carry you safely through.


Meditation is guaranteed to ruin what you now know as “your life.”


Dont believe everything you read… have your own experience. 


Ready for some change?

Follow along with Karla and this simple meditation video.

Ready to join Karla for her NYC Yoga Class? Sign up to receive the new weekly teaching schedule: